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Patient Stories

God Brought Me Here

“There is just something about your place,” says Karl eight years after he first stepped foot into Crossroad’s Over-the-Rhine location.  “It feels safe here and you offer hope to people.” 

Karl doesn’t exactly remember how he first heard about Crossroad.  But he is certain about one thing – God brought him here.  Before coming to Crossroad, Karl knew something was not quite right.  He knew he suffered from some type of “malaise”, as he puts it, but several doctors and specialists could not determine exactly what was wrong.  Then he was laid off from his job and lost his health insurance.  He enrolled in Medicaid but that did not help since his current doctors did not take Medicaid.  He had to find a new doctor.

Tears fill Karl’s eyes as he recalls his first visit to Crossroad:  “Dr. Roberts saved my life.  He listened to me and said he was concerned.  He knew there was something seriously wrong.  For the first time, I felt like a doctor cared about me.”  Crossroad was able to get Karl into specialty care at UC Medical Center where he was diagnosed with stage four tongue cancer.  Karl endured months of radiation and chemotherapy treatment.  The pain was tremendous.  Because of his past problems with drugs, Karl was hesitant to take the pain medication prescribed by his “cancer” doctors, but the pain was too much.  Over time, Karl developed a dependence on the pain killers.  It was Dr. Roberts who Karl turned to for help.  Because of his relationship with Dr. Roberts, Karl could be very candid with him about his drug abuse.  Once again, Crossroad was able to get Karl the treatment he needed but this time it was at the CCAT House. 

Today, Karl is cancer free and off drugs.  He says he is a different person.  “There has been a change in me.  Now I can count my blessings.  I am present for my children.  It all started with Dr. Roberts listening to me, paying attention and caring about me.  He is more than a doctor to me.  God led me into the hands that care for me.  I have felt at home ever since.”