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What Would You Do?

Imagine being 17 years old and your doctor just told you that you have high blood pressure.  Now your doctor says you need to take medication and wants you to see a cardiologist.  You have a vague idea of what a cardiologist is because that’s the kind of doctor your Uncle Rick went to see after he had his first heart attack at the age of 46.  What would you do?

This is what happened to Billy last fall when he saw Dr. DeLaat at Crossroad West for his annual check-up.  Billy is a typical high school student.  He likes to play video games with his friends and prefers watching TV to playing sports.  Even though both his parents work, Billy and his siblings receive Medicaid, the state health insurance program for families with lower income. 

Dr. DeLaat explained to Billy that the main reason for his high blood pressure was due to Billy being overweight.  Dr. DeLaat worked with Billy and his parents to develop a plan that would help him to lose weight. 

Billy decided to try out for his school’s swim team and he made it!  In the past three months, Billy has lost over 20 pounds.  This spring, he is planning to run with the cross country team at his school.  Billy’s success has inspired his younger siblings to also make healthier choices.  Brody, Billy’s younger brother, has become more active and has lost 15 pounds.  Both Billy and Brody have taken an interest in eating healthier and are helping their mother plan the family’s meals. 

Because of Crossroad, Billy has access to health care even when his family cannot afford to pay for it.  Because of Crossroad, Billy is making lifestyle changes that will help him stay healthy throughout his life.