Our History

Crossroad Health Center was born in 1992 from a conviction that God has a special concern for the poor.

This conviction came from years of Bible study with the Sycamore Street Fellowship, named after the street in Cincinnati’s inner-city neighborhood of Over-the-Rhine.

Out of this fellowship emerged the founders of Crossroad: Chuck Schubert, MD, and his wife Julie Schubert, RN, Sally Stewart, MSW, and Janet Germann, CNP. They were determined to make a long-term commitment to the poor and followed the philosophy of John Perkins, Christian minister and civil rights activist. Perkins summarized his philosophy of Christian ministry in the “three Rs” – relocation, redistribution and reconciliation.

A number of the Sycamore group relocated to Cincinnati’s inner city, reaching across socioeconomic boundaries to better know and reconcile with their neighbors. They attended church in the community and simply spent time with their neighbors. Through these relationships, they were better able to understand the needs of the community.

At the top of the list was the need for affordable, accessible, high-quality health care for families in the inner city. The first Crossroad location was established in Over-the-Rhine’s Peaslee Neighborhood Center, where we converted a 900-square-foot classroom into a small clinic. In the beginning, the center was run by volunteers, with just one paid staff member to guide operations.

Three decades later, we are proud to serve Greater Cincinnati and Harrison with more than 80 staff across five locations. Crossroad now cares for nearly 13,000 children and adults, offering care for the whole person – body, mind and spirit. We are bigger, we are more complex, but we still strive to touch one heart at a time with the healing power of Christ.