Women's Health & Prenatal Care

Women – 4

Our women’s health providers offer women’s well-care services, including gynecological exams and well-woman visits.

Prenatal care is offered in two different ways: traditional pregnancy care or Supportive Pregnancy Care groups*. Traditional care is offered at these sites:

* Supportive Pregnancy Care groups are held only at our Western Hills location. Pregnant patients from all sites may choose to join a Western Hills Supportive Pregnancy Care group.

Services offered:

  • Pregnancy Testing
  • Contraceptives & Family Planning
  • Gynecology Care
  • Prenatal Care:
    • Traditional
    • Supportive Pregnancy Care

Delivery Options: Crossroad partners with local hospitals, The Christ Hospital and the University of Cincinnati Medical Center, where your baby will be delivered. Talk with your health care provider for more information.

Parenting Support & Well-Child Visits: Our community health care worker and behavioral health care counselors are available to support women throughout their pregnancies and after delivering their babies. Well-child visits for your child will include all recommended checkups.

Obstetric Expertise: Our family physicians are board certified to provide comprehensive prenatal care. We also partner with University of Cincinnati’s obstetricians/gynecologists to help ensure quality care should any complications or more complex care needs arise during pregnancy.

Medicaid Presumptive Eligibility (MPE): MPE is a program that offers immediate, temporary Medicaid coverage for women and others who meet certain income requirements. If you are eligible for Medicaid but don’t have coverage, Crossroad staff will apply for MPE for you. This coverage will stay in effect until your full Medicaid coverage is approved.

Extra Support: To assist mothers and their families, we partner with social service agencies to provide services such as nutritious take-home meals, portable playpens for safe sleep, car seats and diapers. We also make referrals as needed to connect our patients to additional resources.